Google Sites Integration

You can use AuthPro with classic Google Sites, at this time Authpro protection code will not work properly in New Google Sites because of placed iframe limitations. If you want to use AuthPro with new Google sites, you can create members page hidden from menu and send members to hosted or embedded login form to access it.

Basically to start using AuthPro service on your Google Sites website you need to paste AuthPro protection code to all pages you want to be "members-only" and add login/registration forms or links to them website so members can login to your members area or register.

IMPORTANT: If you're using 'hide in frame' option in your login settings, please login to your google sites account, go to Manage Site - General - Security and check "Allow embedding of your sites in other sites".

Google Sites does not allow inserting JavaScript directly in HTML code. We have developed special URL for easy installtion of AuthPro sevice on your Google Sites website

To add page protection code to Google Sites page, on edit page select Insert -> More gadgets -> Add gadget by URL and use this URL:

If you have deluxe account and want to embed forms to your website:

To add login form use this URL:

To add registration form use this URL:

To add password reminder form use this URL:

To add edit profile form use this URL:

To cancellation form use this URL:

If you want to add logout option simply create regular text link in your members area page and link it to this URL:

Make sure you have replaced YOURACCOUNT keyword to your actual AuthPro account username.

Please note to use these embedded forms you need to have deluxe account, with free account you can simply link to AuthPro hosted pages (use links you have received in AuthPro welcome email).

Here is sample website created with Google Sites for demontration of possible AuthPro Deluxe service installation:

View demo website

Please contact us if you have any questions.