Paid registration integration with Authorize.Net

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is a secure Internet bridge between merchant businesses and the credit card and electronic check payment processing networks. You can get more information about their online merchant solutions here. AuthPro offers Simple Integration Method (SIM) support to process payments with Authorize.Net and add new members to your account.

Setting up Authorize.Net and integration

1. Prepare Authorize.Net account

  • Configure AuthPro receipt link URL as valid URL in your Authorize.Net account
  • Obtain transaction key (you will need it to setup your AuthPro account)

    2. Enable/configure Authorize.Net support in your AuthPro account

    Login to your AuthPro account manager, go to 'Pages' -> 'Registration' page and check "Enable payment processing gateway support" box in your registration settings. Select "Authorize.Net" option and click "Configure" button. Put your Authorize.Net login ID, transaction key and contact email address Click "Update" to save the changes.

    3. Generate payment buttons/links

    You may use existing/standard Authorize.Net buttons and parameters, the only modification you need is a special code to insert digital fingerprint and receipt link URL to allow paid members to generate login/password and access your members area instantly, it looks like this:

    <script src=""></script>


  • Replace AUTHPRO_USERNAME with your AuthPro account username.
  • Replace AMOUNT with payment amount you want to charge.
  • Replace CURRENCY_CODE with curreny code (default is USD).

    Node: The code above will insert the following fields (you do not need to have them in your button code): x_fp_sequence, x_fp_timestamp, x_fp_hash, x_currency_code, x_receipt_link_method, x_receipt_link_text, x_receipt_link_url
    And you'll need to put these required fields in your button code: x_login, x_amount, x_show_form

    Here is a sample button code you can use with small modification :

    <FORM action="">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="x_amount" VALUE="9.99">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="x_description" VALUE="Member's area access">
    <script src=""></script>
    <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Order Online">

    You'll need to put your Authorize.Net login, AuthPro username, and adjust price and currency as needed.

    You can also collect members's login and password and pass it to gateway as x_authpro_login and x_authpro_password

    5. Finished!

    You can test it in demo mode, and go 'live' when it's properly tested.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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