Paid registration integration with 2CheckOut (2CO)

2CheckOut is easy to setup credit card processing solution without opening your own merchant account. To find out more and signup for their services visit their website:

You can integrate your 2CheckOut payment processing with AuthPro membership and password protection services to automatically create new login and password for new customers who have paid you with 2CheckOut.

How it works:

  • customer visits your site and orders your subscription/product and pays you with 2CheckOut
  • on successful payment confirmation page they click on button to 'finalize their order'
  • customer passes to which creates login for them and shows final confirmation as defined in your authpro account settings
  • gives login/password details to customer either on final page or via email (you can also perform this step manually)
  • your customer is now able to login to your member's area with their login/password

    To configure 2CheckOut and integration, please follow guide below.

    1. Make passback URL

    Passback URL - is URL where your customers are being sent after the successful purchase to perform some action (create login/password in our case).
    As per new V2 2CheckOut passback requirements, the page you are attempting to pass back to MUST be located within the domain as specified on the contact information page of your 2CheckOut account. In other words you can't send a customer directly to AuthPro, you need to send them to your domain first. To overcome this restriction we have created a simple redirect script which you should install on your server, which will accept passback from 2CheckOut and send it to AuthPro.

    To install this script you need to:

  • download script from here: 2co2ap.cgi (right-mouse-click and "save target as..")
  • open script in any plain text editor (notepad for example) and edit variables section
  • upload script on your website in 'cgi-bin' directory or any other directory which allows execution of CGI scripts (make sure you uploaded script in ascii mode)
  • set executable permissions to uploaded script (rwxr-xr-x, or 755, UNIX systems only)
  • now your passback URL will be something like this:
    If you enter it in browser you should get this message: "TEST CALL OK", it means the script is running properly on your server and can be used to accept passback from 2CheckOut.

    Note: you can still use AuthPro hosted passback URL:
    in V1 but with migration to V2 it's not guaranteed to be working in future.

    2. Enable/configure 2CheckOut support in your AuthPro account

    Login to your AuthPro account manager, go to 'Pages' -> 'Registration' page and check "Enable payment processing gateway support" box in your registration settings. Select "2CheckOut" option and click configure. Put your 2CheckOut account number, secret word (same as you have setup on "Look and Feel" page in your 2CheckOut account, optional), contact email address, then click "Update" to save the changes.

    3. Configure passback URL in your 2CheckOut account

    After step 1 above your passback URL should look like this:

    To specify a URL for our system to pass back to, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your account.
  • Under the 'Helpful Links' section, click on 'Settings' near the 'Look and Feel' section.
  • Input the URL into the Approved and Pending URL boxes on this page.
  • Click 'Save Changes'.

    You may also specify an Approved and Pending URL on each product individually. You should see the options for these URLs while creating a product, but to add them to existing products, click Edit next to the product you wish to add them on. Any return URLs set on the product itself will over-ride the ones that you have set on the "Look and Feel" page.

    You can setup the same passback URL to both Approved and Pending URLs but AuthPro will create login/password whenever transactions is Approved or Pending, so if you do not want to allow member access until you verify the availability of funds do not set passback URL as "Pending URL".

    You can find more information on setting up passback URL in 2CheckOut Knowledge Base.

    4. Finished!

    You can test if everything is working in demo mode (add demo=Y to your purchase buttons/links and check "Allow demo transactions" in your authpro account 2CheckOut configuration), if everything is working properly you can start accepting paid subscribers.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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